Only you

With the shattered remains, we grow.

Dead inside but always with a lively glow.

Nothing to say, no words can explain,

the pain endured and the tears ignored.

Only you, can understand,

Only you, can appreciate,

all the hurt experienced,

alone in the darkness of the world.

Above the pain, no more in vain,

happiness, we seek and find it in moments,

the most unexpected ones at those.

Crying behind the smiles,

Lying about what’s really in that mind.

Lost in the crowd, yet won’t say it aloud.

Looking in the mirror, the reflection of the future,

Is there really a paradise waiting to be discovered?

Only you, can find out.

Only you, can know.

Image by Alvaro Parra
Image by Nadiya Ploschenko


Raising hell to get out of it,

Hurting yourself to stop the pain,

Wondering what you did wrong,

Hoping there’ll be an answer,

Knowing there won’t.

Losing your mind,

Scared to love again,

Broken, whatever was left,

Wondering if it’ll ever be okay.

So stupid.

So dumb.



Screaming on the top of your tongue,

Throwing things with the last bit of energy,





Begging to feel something else,

Other than the pain,

the memories,

the love lost.

Magical skies


It isn’t rain, look again.

It’s magic, falling from the sky,

spreading love all around.

Birthing happiness in the world with dark secrets

And heavy burdens.

Mood swings due to the bleeding or stress due

to the reality, rain is the remedy,

one for all.

Drizzle, hurricane, storm, thunderstorm, dull, scary,

light and terrifying, bringing out the true beauty of nature.

Don’t be scared, look again.

It may come back tomorrow but why miss

this delightful chance,

right here, right now?

Leave the work and the worries behind,

come out, under the sky, look above, feel the beauty,

feel the love.

It isn’t rain, look again.

It is the cure we ask for, when hell is born

And hope is disappeared.

It is the peace we crave,

It isn’t rain, look again.

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri
Image by Cole Keister

Nature's Cure


Before the world is awake and the sun is born,

I enjoy the walk on the silent road.

Birds chirp, yet there is no voice.

My mind freshens, not a worry in the world.

I see the sky, I feel the love,

nature has bestowed upon us,

One cure for all those thoughts.

Loving with her trees, touching with her

Breeze, her voice shouts, “Everything

Will be okay, my dear.”

One dare not believe her and so I do and of that,

I am glad, for it is not the light but the beauty of

The dark.